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From: Aaron MooneyWednesday, 21/Oct/2015 18:05
No hassle, no expense of being towed to a garage. Children & I are back home safely and timely, everyone is smiling.

Thank you so much Nick. Not only did you remove the diesel from my petrol engine within 15-20 minutes but took a look under the bonnet and managed to easily identify and repair what I thought was a massive mechanical fault.

Dare I say it...If ever you find yourself in a pickle (and I hope you don't), this is a 100% champion service with a smile :)
From: Shannon HarrisonThursday, 23/Apr/2015 12:23
ABOSULUTE LIFE SAVERS! awesome service from Nick, top bloke with great customer servie. I was just finishing up my work day on Friday afternoon when the worst possible happen! Thanks to Nick he was there in under 15mins (I was at one of the Airport self serves) and it was hassle free and a big relief! cheers Nick and team. Fully recommend if your ever as stupid as me lol
From: michaela jacksonSunday, 20/Apr/2014 15:43
I was running late to work and I grabbed the wrong nozzle I put diesel in my car instead of petrol, I called fuel rescue and they fixed it up in no time.
I highly recommend them,extremely friendly and efficient service.
Great job Nick Thanks Alot You saved the day
From: Jenny LewisMonday, 14/Apr/2014 14:49
My day couldn't have started worse when I put the wrong fuel in my car. Luckily Fuel Rescue was there within 20 minutes to help. I couldn't be more impressed with how fast they showed up to the station. Within another 20 minutes I was back on my way work!!! Nick was so polite and professional and made me feel less guilty about the silly mistake I had made. I guess I'm not alone haha. BRAVO Fuel Rescue!!

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